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The Doctor Alone Can't Cure You (1943)

This Edition

The Doctor Alone Can't Cure You
Published1949 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (210 x 140mm) Edition2nd US Revised Edition
PublisherMacalester Park Publishing Company Printing
ISBN Printed by
Series No of pages204


This is the "revised" and "completely re-written" US edition of Dr Alexander's first book, published in Canada in 1939 as Your Unknown Doctor and in the US under its present title in 1943 (reprinted in 1944). However, the first US edition was already somewhat revised from the original Canadian edition.
    The author's statement about the introductory headings to the chapters being his own interpretation from the Tibetan Book of Right Feeling is not included in the foreword to this edition, but Benjamin Creme has confirmed that the author translated these quotations from one of the books he studied in Tibet (see Share International No.10, December 2007, p.27). Also missing in the rewritten foreword is the reference to the "old Scottish doctor" who identifies the body as "your unknown doctor" in the title of the original 1939 edition.
    In the rewritten Chapter 1, 'The Quest', however, the author describes how "he journeyed to India ... and spent a year in a Tibetian lamasery at Podang, where he found for the first time an organized system of research into the powers and potentialities of the human Soul, and a regularized system of teaching the results of the research." (p.14) This statement was not included in the original edition.

This revised edition also includes some exercises that formed the basis for the author's third book, Creative Realism (US, 1954), aka The Power of the Mind (UK, 1956).
    The first US edition was re-published in paperback as The Renewing Power of Your Mind (Warner Destiny Book, 1976), and later as The Healing Power of Your Mind. The Doctor Alone Can't Cure You (Healing Arts Press, 1989), and The Healing Power of The Mind. Practical Techniques for Health and Empowerment (Healing Arts Press, 1997).

The cover shown below is that of the first US edition, which was reprinted in 1944.

    Original Edition

    The Doctor Alone Can't Cure You
    Original title
    Original subtitle
    Original publication year1943
    Original publisherOverton Press
    Original country
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