Rolf Alexander M.D.

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Your Unknown Doctor (1939)

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Your Unknown Doctor
Published1939 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (187 x 125mm) Edition
PublisherSelf-published Printing1
ISBN Printed byThe Cranbrook Courier Publishers
Series No of pages166


This book was published as a handbook for the author's patients and is the 'ur-text' for the book by Rolf Alexander that is still in print as The Healing Power of the Mind. The original title refers to an interview the author had with "an old Scottish doctor" who first told him of the human body as its own "Unknown Doctor" (p.3).
    According to information on the dust jacket of a later book, the author studied with one of the Masters at a lamasery in Tibet in 1938, not long after Dr Murdo Macdonald-Bayne studied there. Little wonder, then, that the topics which Dr Alexander covers in his first book read like an introduction to the Ageless Wisdom teaching about the constitution of man and his world, but from a medical or self-healing point of view.
    In this first edition, the bulk of which formed the basis for the 1943 US volume The Doctor Alone Can't Cure You, the author states in his Foreword that "The chapter headings are my own interpretations and condensations from one of the oldest books in the world: the Tibetian 'Book of Right Feeling'."

Dr Alexander later elaborated on the healing power of the mind in his book The Mind in Healing (Dutton, NY, 1958).


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