Rolf Alexander M.D.

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The Voice of Talking Valley (1946)

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The Voice of Talking Valley
Published1946 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (209 x 141mm) EditionPrivate limited edition
PublisherSelf-published Printing1
ISBN Printed byStratford House, Inc
Series No of pages156


In this book, which according to the text on the back flap is largely "biographical," Rolf Alexander sets out to research the "ultimate spiritual causes which are making [atomic] weapons [which Congress voted to spend billions on] necessary and their use inevitable." In Part One he "thrusts his mental scalpel into the body of civilization and bares its inner malignancy for all to see." In Part Two he pleads for "science and religion to unite, in order to develop a really scientific religion."
    In chapter XI, 'The Voice of Talking Valley,' Dr Alexander describes his journey into "a ragged, savage canyon" in "the mysterious Arizona Desert." The native American name for this place means 'Talking Valley' and here he meets a hermit who "might have been a fair-skinned Indian ... or a dark-skinned white man; his somewhat slanting eyes would have stamped him a Mongolian had they not been of a steely Nordic grey..." Asked for his name, the hermit would smile and say "I AM THE VOICE."
    The book also describes the author's travels in search for truth. In chapter VIII, 'The Trappa,' he introduces the English-speaking abbot of a Tibetan lamasery, "old Tsiang," who is also mentioned in the text on the back flap of the author's next book, Creative Realism (aka The Power of the Mind), and who, according to Benjamin Creme, was the Master Djwhal Khul (see Share International No.10, December 2007, p.27). This is the same lamasery were H.P. Blavatsky and Murdo MacDonald-Bayne had studied.

A note on the title page specifies that this book is a private edition, "limited to one thousand autographed copies," although it seems many copies went unautographed. The inscription in a copy listed on the ABEbooks website in 2008 makes it likely that Dr Alexander was living in Boulder City, Nevada when this book was published.

The back of the dust jacket features a rare photograph of Dr Alexander with his son Wayne.

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