Franz Bardon

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The Practice of Magical Evocation - Instructions for Invoking Spirit Beings from the Spheres Surrounding Us (1956)

This Edition

The Practice of Magical Evocation
Published1991 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (207 x 135mm) Edition5th
PublisherRüggeberg Verlag Printing
ISBN3-921338-02-6 Printed byOtto W. Zluhan
Series No of pages492


This book is a treatise on the second Tarot card, the Temple of Initiation. The text is 332 pages, followed by 160 pages of symbols and drawings of the elements of the various spheres.

In Share International, No.5, June 2006, Benjamin Creme confirmed that this second written by Bardon was also inspired by the Master Who was Hermes (p.27).

The first English edition was published in 1967 by Rudolf Pravica, Austria.


Original Edition

The Practice of Magical Evocation
Original titleDie Praxis der magischen Evokation
Original subtitle
Original publication year1956
Original publisherVerlag Hermann Bauer
Original countryGermany
Original languageGerman

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