Rolf Alexander M.D.

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The Mind in Healing - A Practical Guide to Full Mental and Physical Health (1958)

This Edition

The Mind in Healing
Published1958 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (230 x 151mm) Edition
PublisherOdhams Press Limited Printing
ISBN Printed byJohn Gardner (Printers) Ltd
CountryGreat Britain
Series No of pages192


Dr Alexander's last book is an elaboration of his approach to healing, as first set forth in Your Unknown Doctor (aka The Healing Power of the Mind).
    Chapter 9 opens with the quotation, "He who would understand the world must try to understand himself for he creates the only world he will ever know", attributed to one Tsiang Samdup (p.86). In chapter 8 of his book The Voice of Talking Valley the author refers to the English-speaking abbot of the monastery where he studied for a year as "old Tsiang", whom Benjamin Creme identified as the Master DK (see Share International No.10, December 2007, p.27). It is not known if Tsiang Samdup and "old Tsiang" are the same individual.

The first UK edition of this volume was available in orange cloth boards and in burgundy leather boards, although both editions had the same dust jacket.

The US edition was published by E.P. Dutton. A second US edition was printed in 1960.

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