Cyril Scott

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The Initiate - Some Impressions of a Great Soul (1920)

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The Initiate
Published1977 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (191 x 128mm) Edition11th, 1977
PublisherRoutledge & Kegan Paul Printing1
ISBN0-7100-1588-7 Printed byLowe & Brydone Printers Ltd
Series No of pages381


Part I contains the -- originally anonymous -- account of the experiences of "Charles Broadbent", the author, with "Justin Moreward Haig", a 2.4 degree initiate, in the higher social circles of Victorian England. According to Benjamin Creme, it was the Master Koot Hoomi's wish that some of the Initiate's life and teachings were recorded in preparation for the emergence of Lord Maitreya. (Share International No.9, November 2000, p.27.)
    Part II consists of an allegorical story, which the author says he was encouraged to write by the Initiate, titled 'The Circuitous Journey,' which is nothing if not circuitous.

Cyril Scott, himself a 1.55 degrees initiate, was an accomplished poet and composer and the author of many books on philosophy, music, occultism and alternative medicine.

Some people think Pierre Arnold Bernard (aka Oom the Omnipotent, founder of the Tantrik Order of America) the "best candidate" for the true identity of the Initiate, given Cyril Scott's apparent interest in Tantrik Yoga (see the posting "RE Cyril Scott" on the Theos-Talk forum). This suggestion is supported by the fact that Scott is mentioned as one of the "affluent clients" to frequent Bernard's tantric clinics, in Hugh B. Urban's article 'The Omnipotent Oom. Tantra and its impact on modern Western Esotericis' (Esoterica, Vol.III, Ohio University 2001, p.225).

The cover below is that of the original UK edition (damaged at the spine).


Original Edition

The Initiate
Original title
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Original publication year1920
Original publisherGeorge Routledge & Co
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