Cyril Scott

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The Initiate in the New World - A Sequal to 'The Initiate' (1927)

This Edition

The Initiate in the New World
Published1977 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (191 x 128mm) Edition1977
PublisherRoutledge & Kegan Paul Printing
ISBN0-7100-7077-2 Printed byLowe & Brydone Printers Ltd
Series No of pages302


More experiences of "Charles Broadbent", the author, with the Initiate, "Justin Moreward Haig", this time in the USA.

Authenticity confirmed by Benjamin Creme's Master in Share International No.9, November 2000, p.27.


Original Edition

The Initiate in the New World
Original title
Original subtitle
Original publication year1927
Original publisherGeorge Routledge & Co
Original country
Original language

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