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Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East - Questions and Answers by The Royal Order Of Tibet (1936)

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Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East
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Before becoming world famous for his books about his contacts with the Space Brothers in the 1950s, George Adamski (1891-1965) had already attracted a group of followers as a lecturer on esoteric philosophy in Laguna Beach, California. His lectures were broadcast on several local radio stations. In 1934 he founded The Royal Order of Tibet, which published this book expounding his philosophy of “Universal Law.”
    As a teenager George Adamski was sent to a monastery in Tibet where he spent a number of years, discovering the spirituality of the East and practising meditation. He was also prepared, under the guidance of an Initiate, for his future mission as a witness of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. (Confirmed by Benjamin Creme in Share International No.8, October 2008, p.9.) In a newspaper article about the founding of the Royal Order of Tibet Adamski is quoted as saying, “I learned great truths up there on the roof of the world, or rather the trick of applying age-old knowledge to daily life, to cure the body and the mind and to win mastery over self and soul.” (Los Angeles Times, 8 April 1934)
    The number of years Adamski spent in Tibet varies, depending on the source, from 3-4 years (according to Henry Dohan, The Pawn of His Creator, p.35) to 6 years (according to former president of the George Adamski Foundation Fred Steckling in Cosmic Bulletin, June 1979, p.6).
    It was his group of followers who bestowed on Adamski the title of “Professor,” although he never earned an academic degree. People subsequently assumed he was connected to Mount Palomar Observatory that was located next to Palomar Gardens, the property of Alice K. Wells who ran a café there, and where Adamski and his wife Mary lived since the 1940s.

Lou Zinsstag's book George Adamski -- The Untold Story features a reproduction of page 2 of this book on which Adamski changed the words “Royal Order of Tibet” to read “Space Brothers” (plate 49), while the caption says that “Much of this book was republished as The Science of Life Study Course in 1964”. First-hand reading of both titles shows that this is not the case, although students of the Ageless Wisdom teaching will hardly be surprised to see the teachings of the Masters coincide with those of the Space Brothers.

Published in paperback in 1986 by the Society of Metaphysicians (UK), in 1990 by the Life Science Institute (US); and again in 2000 by Health Research Books (US).


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Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East
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Original publication year1936
Original publisherThe Royal Order of Tibet
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