Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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Spiritual and Mental Healing (1947)

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Spiritual and Mental Healing
Publishedc1961 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (190x130mm) Edition
PublisherL.N. Fowler & Co Ltd Printinglater
ISBN Printed byW.&J. Mackay and Co. Ltd.
Series No of pages256


Series of fourteen lectures that Dr Mac held in the Escom House Auditorium in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1945 about self-healing. With explanatory diagrams.
    In Lecture I Dr Mac says, "I have been through all the worth-while healing schools in the world; I have also lived with the Masters in Thibet, and in this Course I will give you some of their secrets combined with my own experience in healing throughout the world." (p.8) And, "Those who wish to master the healing work should make a close study of the Master's Course, viz. The Higher Power You Can Use and also I Am The Life..." (p.10)
    While explaining, in Lecture VII, how he is able to tune into the 'Universal Intelligence', as Dr Mac calls it, he is interrupted: "The whole class now sees a Spiritual manifestation -- an exalted Master is seen to overshadow Dr MacDonald-Bayne -- and they are all spell-bound. The voice and features completely change and the message is as follows: ... I am using this instrument to make myself known to you..." (p.132)
    The Master, overshadowing the speaker, explains how, among other things, Dr Mac was "able to reach into the higher realms of the Spiritual Life and there obtain knowledge that is beyond mortal comprehension. The instrument [Dr Mac] was born with these particular gifts. ... We called him to the Mighty Himalayas, away from mortal man, where we could speak with him in person." After the overshadowing and the message have finished, Dr Mac says: "I have listened very carefully to what has been said to you just now. This was not a trance address but a complete overshadowing. I heard every word." (p.133)


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Spiritual and Mental Healing
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