Lilly Heber Ph.D.

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Krishnamurti, the Man and His Message - A Contribution to the History of Modern Re-Orientation (1930)

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Krishnamurti, the Man and His Message
Published1931 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (200x135mm) Edition1st UK
PublisherGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltd Printing1st
ISBN Printed byUnwin Brothers, Ltd
Series No of pages248


Commentary on how the early teachings of Krishnamurti were beginning to impact the world, showing the radical nature of the content of his teachings as well as the excitement that it brought among his followers.

Dr Heber also wrote a follow-up volume, titled Krishnamurti and The World Crisis (Allen & Unwin, 1935; originally published in 1933 in Norwegian as Krishnamurti og var tids krise). In a review of Mrs Heber's second volume the Sydney Morning Herald wrote on 6 July 1935: "It appears that the egotism and selfishness of mankind have led to all our ills, and the thing to do is to rid ourselves of the 'I' illusion. There is obviously nothing new in this doctrine, merely in the application of mystical conviction to practical matters."
    In the second volume the author announces (on p.19) a third volume, Krishnamurti and Modern Man which, however, never materialized.

    Original Edition

    Krishnamurti, the Man and His Message
    Original titleGlimt Av En Ny Idéverden
    Original subtitle
    Original publication year1930
    Original publisher
    Original countryNorway
    Original languageNorwegian

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