Enrique Barrios

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Ami - Child of the Stars (1986)

This Edition

Ami - Child of the Stars
Published1989 First editionNo
FormatSoftcover Edition1st US
PublisherLotus Press Printing1st
ISBN0-914955-05-5 Printed by
Series No of pages113


After he had an experience of a UFO in 1985, Chilean author Enrique Barrios wrote this inspiring and uplifting account, guised as a children's story about a young boy, Pete (Pedro in the original Spanish edition), who meets the extraterrestrial Ami (short for Amigo, or friend).
    While this book has been translated into twelve languages, and is still in print in most of them, including Spanish, the revised English edition is only still available as a free PDF (see link below).
    The illustrations by Glen Strock were based on original sketches by the author.
    Mr. Barrios wrote three sequels, which were translated in many languages, but not in English.


Original Edition

Ami - Child of the Stars
Original titleAmi, el Niño de las Estrellas
Original subtitle
Original publication year1986
Original publisherErrepar
Original countryChile
Original languageSpanish

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