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British Printmakers 1855-1955 - A Century of Printmaking from the Etching Revival to St Ives (1992)

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British Printmakers 1855-1955
Published1992 First editionYes
FormatSoftcover Edition
PublisherScolar Press Printing1st
ISBN0-7546-0231-1 Printed byTrigon Press
Series No of pages326


"British Printmakers 1855-1955 examines the developments in British printmaking which started in the middle of the nineteenth century with the Etching Revival and continued into the middle of the twentieth century... During this period, printmaking came to be regarded as a direct means of artistic expression rather than a means of reproduction."
    This book includes "biographies and reference material for over 400 principal artists." Benjamin Creme is represented with an illustration of his monotype "Head of Man" (1948), while many of his artist friends are included as well, such as Robert Colquhoun, Robert McBride, Prunella Clough, and his former mentor Jankel Adler.

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