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Beyond Within - A Philosophy for the Inner Life (1974)

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Beyond Within
Published1988 First editionNo
FormatSoftcover (215x140mm) EditionReprint
PublisherAUM Publications Printing
ISBN0-88497-115-5 Printed byAgni Press
Series No of pages522


Beyond Within is an anthology of the writings and teachings of Sri Chinmoy, which includes essays, questions and answers, poetry and parables on man's spiritual journey, reincarnation and spiritual evolution, meditation, consciousness, the occult, and many other topics. It was conceived by his student Brihaspati (Peter Pitzele) when he was teaching a course about Sri Chinmoy at the University of Connecticut in 1973.

Sri Chinmoy, a fourth degree initiate, was born in Bengal in 1931 as Chinmoy Kumar Ghose and emigrated to the USA in 1964. He was an author, composer, artist and athlete and an avid supporter of the United Nations, where under the third UN Secretary-General U Thant, he founded the Peace Meditation which he led twice weekly with delegates and UN staff at the UN's New York headquarters. He held many public concerts and meditations on the theme of world peace and harmony around the world. His passing in 2007 elicited tributes from many world leaders, among whom Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu. (Source: Share International No.10, December 2007.)

Over the years Share International has published several articles by Sri Chinmoy.


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Beyond Within
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Original publication year1974
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