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Crop Circle Year Book 2009 (2009)

This Edition

Crop Circle Year Book 2009
Published2009 First editionYes
FormatSaddle-stitched softcover (300x220mm) Edition
PublisherTemporary Temple Press Printing1
ISBN978-0-9560992-1-1 Printed byTemporary Temple Press
Series No of pages44


More than ever, Karen Alexander seems to hit the right note in her introduction to this year's edition of the Crop Circle Year Book when she writes: "We have to realise that we are in the grips of one of the most incredible periods of human history -- that of a move from one consciousness structure to another. We are in the throes of an extremely painful labour and we are already starting to feel the effects in the wider world -- extremism of both thought and behaviour in an effort to stop the impending inevitable dissolution of our world-view (...), despairing suicidal violence (nihilism), our dawning recognition of the true impotency of war in the face of an ideal, and the near collapse of our exploitative greedy financial structures: the ground is literally quaking beneath us." (p.2)
    Titled 'The Shape of Things to Come', the article introduces an extraordinary edition of the Alexanders' Year Book, which adds 12 pages for a total of 44, documenting the richest harvest -- both in number and design -- of crop circles to date.

The third circle recorded this year, on 23 April, had the shape of a star, an obvious reference to the 'star' heralding Maitreya's first interview on American television which was first announced in a Share International press release on 11 December 2008. (See the report 'Sign of the star' in Share International No.5, June 2009.)
    Five photographs of this season's crop circles where published in colour in Share International No.6, July/August 2009, with a report on the extraordinary designs this year, entitled 'The magnificent crop circles of southern England'. Two further photographs of crop formations were used in the January/February issue of 2010, with the text of Benjamin Creme's 2009 keynote talk, 'UFOs - Their Spiritual Mission', which is one of the core texts of his 2010 book, The Gathering of the Forces of Light - UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission.

The accompanying DVD with this year's footage is titled Chasing Daylight - The crop circles of 2009.


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