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Crop Circle Year Book 2008 - 10th Anniversary Edition (2008)

This Edition

Crop Circle Year Book 2008
Published2008 First editionYes
FormatSaddle-stitched softcover (300x220mm) Edition
PublisherTemporary Temple Press Printing1
ISBN978-0-9560992-0-4 Printed byTemporary Temple Press
Series No of pages32


The 10th Anniversary Edition of the Crop Circle Year Book again counts 32 pages, filled with stunning photography of the season's most fascinating designs.
    One of several conspicuous designs this year was a crop circle in the form of a giant number "8", which appeared at Milk Hill in the early morning of August 8th and measured some 800ft in length. The spread in this edition is reserved for a circle that appeared on 1 June near Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, whose segments depicted the mathematical symbol of Pi.

A selection of photographs from this edition was published in Share International No.8, October 2008, accompanying a compilation of quotations from writings by Benjamin Creme and his Master about the Space Brothers.

The Crop Circle Year Books are the only full-colour books that record the phenomenon on an annual basis. Revenues from the sales of these year books are used for the continued recording of the crop circles as they appear.


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