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Crop Circle Year Book 2007 - Special Edition (2007)

This Edition

Crop Circle Year Book 2007
Published2007 First editionYes
FormatSaddle-stitched softcover (300x220mm) Edition
PublisherTemporary Temple Press Printing1
ISBN978-0-9537446-9-5 Printed byStudio 6
Series No of pages32


The 2007 crop circle season in south west England, the Alexanders' field of activity, proved so plentiful that it was decided to publish a 32-page Special Edition of their Crop Circle Year Book. At the same time, the conditions under which the aerial photographs had to be made were more difficult than ever due to the unusually wet and cloudy conditions.
    No wonder, then, that he theme of this year's year book is Mercurial Skies, which also became the title of the DVD that is becoming another regular feature.


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