Vera Stanley Alder

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The Secret of the Atomic Age - A search for Man's true destiny (1958)

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The Secret of the Atomic Age
Published1972 First editionNo
FormatSoftcover (127x197mm) Edition2nd, rev.
PublisherRider and Company, Ltd Printing
ISBN0-09-111811-5 Printed byThe Anchor Press Ltd
Series No of pages192


In her last book on the Ageless Wisdom teaching, the author traces the universal processes of creation, growth and transmutation throughout all the kingdoms of nature, up to the human kingdom. She suggests how man will attain his spiritual maturity, develop the new quality of World Guardianship and learn how to bring into being a new and ethically practical World Civilisation.

    Original Edition

    The Secret of the Atomic Age
    Original title
    Original subtitle
    Original publication year1958
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