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Crop Circle Year Book 2002 (2002)

This Edition

Crop Circle Year Book 2002
Published2002 First editionYes
FormatSaddle-stitched softcover (300x220mm) Edition
PublisherTemporary Temple Press Printing
ISBN0-9537446-3-9 Printed byStudio 6 Design & Print
SeriesCrop Circle Year Book No of pages24


In her introduction to this edition Karen Douglas writes how the crop circle patterns activate the imagination, as the keynote for this season's selection. At the same time, in her background article, for the first time she herself makes a connection between the crop circles and sightings of orbs (the sounding devices that the Space Brothers use to form the patterns).

On 15 August 2002 a crop circle was discovered near Winchester, Hampshire, consisting of a disc next to the face of a Hollywood-style 'alien'. Benjamin Creme said that the circle was genuine, but the head was a fake added later. "This is done for one or other of those reasons, simply, that people like to play pranks, they like to destroy evidence, they like to be cleverer than those who are making the crop circles -- until the public and the media cannot make head or tail of the whole thing. It destroys the validity of the whole crop circle phenomenon." (Share International magazine, No.6, July/August 2004, p.12)
    According to Karen Alexander on p.23 of this Year Book, "the disc was eventually deciphered. It made reference to a hatred of deception and yet it also proffered hope in truth and reality." (See here for the method used for decoding.)


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