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Aquarius 25/26 (2002)

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Aquarius 25/26
Published2002 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (228 x 152mm) Edition
PublisherE.S. Linden Printing
ISBN Printed by
Series No of pages186


Literary magazine edited by Eddie S. Linden. This issue (No.25/26), which is a special commemorative edition devoted to Scottish poets George Barker and William Sydney Graham, includes a 12-page interview with Benjamin Creme in which he talks about his life as a young artist. Himself a Scot, he discusses his friendship with Graham ("We had been very close, like brothers, literally like brothers..."), whose first collection of poems, Cage Without Grievance, he illustrated together with Robert Frame.
    He also talks about his acquaintance with other artists in the 1940s, such as Dylan Thomas, Douglas Campbell and Jankel Adler, a renowned painter of Polish origin whose army unit had been demobilized in Glasgow. Creme explains how Adler took him under his wing and taught him -- "[I]t isn't like he said you do this, this, this... it's more like the influence of his personality began to shape your view of things. So that when you look at pictures, you look at them in a way rather more sophisticated than how you would have done otherwise." (p.172)
    It was also Adler's idea that Benjamin Creme and Robert Frame would illustrate Cage Without Grievance, and although Creme states that he "in no sense illustrated the poems, because the poems weren't about anything", he maintains that "[t]hose pictures of mine are not what I would have done otherwise." (p.173)

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