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Benjamin Creme: Paintings & Drawings 1940-1960 (1992)

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Benjamin Creme: Paintings & Drawings 1940-1960
Published1992 First editionYes
FormatSaddle-stitched booklet (210x210mm) Edition
PublisherEngland & Co Printing1
ISBN Printed byThe Ranelagh Press
Series No of pages8


Catalogue for the third one-man exhibition of Benjamin Creme's works organised by England & Co, from 4 - 29 June 1992. The exhibition featured 42 paintings and drawings, 13 of which were reproduced in this catalogue -- three in full-colour and 10 in b/w.
    An exhibition was held concurrently at Cyril Gerber Fine Art of Glasgow, entitled 'Benjamin Creme: Paintings & Drawings of the Forties & Fifties'.

Art historian Jane England has been representing Benjamin Creme since her first one-man retrospective of his work in 1985. In her brief introduction she writes: "Creme's stated intention was to unite 'power, strength and eloquence with a kind of sensitivity to character, people and situations'. His figure paintings, stylized and often abstracted, capture some of Picasso's verve and vigour."

It seems that Benjamin Creme's work may be roughly divided into three periods, with the work in his first period (until c.1950) being mainly figurative, painting many portraits and still lifes, while in his second period (between 1950-1960) he painted mostly landscapes, and moving towards the abstract. After he had been contacted by Maitreya in 1959 and began being trained by his Master for his work as the herald for the return of the World Teacher (see the Introduction to The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom), Benjamin Creme seems to have been working mainly, although not exclusively, on symbolic (yantric) paintings, many of which feature on the covers of his books and Share International magazine.

The painting featured on the cover is titled 'Still Life with Vase and Plate' (1956).


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