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Avant-Garde British Printmaking 1914-1960 (1990)

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Avant-Garde British Printmaking 1914-1960
Published1990 First editionYes
FormatSoftcover (277 x 219mm) EditionSoftcover
PublisherBritish Museum Publications Ltd Printing
ISBN0-7141-1646-7 Printed byBAS Printers
Series No of pages240


Catalogue accompanying the fifth in a series of exhibitions of modern printmaking at the British Museum, by Frances Carey and Antony Griffiths.
    "Some of the most exciting work in British 20-century art was produced by artists experimenting with a wide range of often unorthodox printmaking techniques. Much of this work was never published in standard editions, and is therefore still largely unknown. ... Over 230 prints are discussed and illustrated, and biographies and bibliographical information given for each of the 65 artists represented." (From the back cover.)
    Apart from b/w reproductions of the two monotype prints by Benjamin Creme that were included in the exhibition -- 'Couple' (1949) and 'Reclining Nude' (1949) -- the catalogue also includes works by his mentor, Polish artist Jankel Adler, and fellow Scottish artists Robert Colquhoun (including the picture on the cover) and Robert MacBryde, as well as Prunella Clough, who were all part of the same circle of artists in London which Creme joined when he moved there in 1946.

The British Museum owns an early example of Creme's monotypes, 'Portrait of a Boy' (1946).


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