Martinus (Martinus Thomsen)

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The Eternal World Picture 4 (1994)

This Edition

The Eternal World Picture 4
Published2001 First editionNo
FormatSoftcover (248 x 175mm) EditionFirst English edition
PublisherThe Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science Printing1
ISBN87-575-0786-4 Printed by
SeriesThe Third Testament No of pages150


This is the final volume in the series containing the essence of Martinus' cosmic analyses as an elaboration of The Book of Life (Livets Bog). This book describes symbols 34-44.

The original Danish edition of this volume was published post-humously in 1994.

Some of the smaller volumes of the Martinus Cosmology available in English are:
The Fate of Mankind
Marriage and Universal Love
The Ideal Food
The Mystery of Prayer
The Principle of Reincarnation
The Road of Life
The Road to Initiation
The Road to Paradise
World Religion and World Politics


Original Edition

The Eternal World Picture 4
Original titleDet Evige Verdensbillede 4
Original subtitle
Original publication year1994
Original publisher
Original country
Original languageDanish

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