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Livets Bog (The Book of Life) 2 (1939)

This Edition

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) 2
Published2000 First editionNo
FormatSoftcover (248 x 175mm) Edition2005 reprint
PublisherMartinus Institut Printing2
ISBN87-575-0602-7 Printed byBookPartner A/S
SeriesThe Third Testament No of pages306


The second volume of Livets Bog (The Book of Life), deals with "Cosmic Chemistry".
    This volume focuses on the world of thought, our mentality or soul. Our fate is the mere result of how we use the forces of our consciousness. In order to think and act according to our divine nature we have to understand the laws governing thought so as to be able to control our fate and the fate of the world. Includes colour plates by the author.


Original Edition

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) 2
Original titleLivets Bog
Original subtitle
Original publication year1939
Original publisher
Original country
Original language

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