Annie Besant

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Theosophy and World Problems (1922)

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Theosophy and World Problems
Published1922 First editionYes
FormatHardcover (188 x 125mm) Edition
PublisherThe Theosophical Publishing House Printing1
ISBN Printed byThe Vasanta Press
Series No of pages104


A collection of talks held at the 46th anniversary of the Theosophical Society in 1921, among which Krishnamurti's first ever public talk, while K was still being trained as a possible vehicle for the World Teacher. His talk was mentioned in Lady Emily Lutyens (1957), Candles in the Sun, p.95: "It was the first time he had spoken in public and his subject was Theosophy and Internationalism."
    In his talk, Krishnamurti addresses "four fundamental questions which ... influence the thought, the character and action of men. These are Education, Religion, Business, Patriotism." (p.65) On the subject of Business, he says: "We must try to establish an International Board, to control the commerce of the world, not for the profit of a chosen few, but for the entire world." (p.75) Describing the emergence of international business after WWI, he says: "Thus, international action is being forced upon us, though it is carried out in the wrong spirit, and for an immoral purpose, i.e., to exploit the poor, the needy, the suffering, and this method, if it continues, will inevitably lead to another war." (p.76)
    The other talks are by Mrs Besant herself, Raja Jinarajadasa, and George Arundale.

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