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Searching for Maitreya - An Inquiry into a Spiritual Teacher of Our Time (2002)

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Searching for Maitreya
Published2002 First editionYes
FormatPaperback (215 x 139mm) Edition
PublisherXlibris Corporation Printing
ISBN1-4010-5863-9 Printed by
Series No of pages217


Account of the author's involvement in the search for Maitreya in London in 1987, in which she also engaged other journalists. Her efforts led to her becoming the recipient, along with fellow-journalist Brian James, of the teachings and forecasts of world events of Maitreya via one of His close associates. These were first published in Share International magazine, and disseminated to the world's media via press releases, between 1989-1993. In 2005 a compilation of these teachings and forecasts was published as Maitreya's Teachings -- The Laws of Life, edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme.

Two books about the Reappearance were published in Dutch: Wie is Maitreya de Christus en wat komt hij doen in 1982? (Holland, Sirius en Siderius, Den Haag 1981) and Tekenen van een nieuwe tijd? (Holland, Bzztôh, Den Haag 1997), both written by Richard Bremer, pen name of former Share International editor Peter Liefhebber. A scholarly investigation was published in German as Maitreya: I Come to Change All Things. Eine moderne Heilserwartung im interkulturellen Vergleich by Andrea Bistrich (Germany, Akademischer Verlag, Munich 1996). An introduction to the Emergence story and the Ageless Wisdom teaching was published in Finnish as Maitreya -- 100,000 Vuoden Tarinan Huipennus by Saku Mättö (Love & Light, Parikkala, 2018).
    Personal stories of individuals involved in the Reappearance groups include Masters Among Us by Thomas Curley (Canada, Trafford, 2000; rev. AuthorHouse, 2004), Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings by Wayne S. Peterson (USA, Emergence Press, 2001; rev. 2003), and Encounters with the World Teacher and Christ Maitreya by Günter Schumacher (Germany, Literareon, 2012).


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