Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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How To Relax and Revitalize Yourself (1952)

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How To Relax and Revitalize Yourself
Published1960 First editionNo
FormatHardcover (190x130mm) Edition1960 reprint
PublisherL.N. Fowler & Co Ltd Printing3
ISBN Printed byW.&J. Mackay and Co. Ltd.
Series No of pages212


Thirty lessons by Dr Mac on the need for physical and mental relaxation. Every lesson concludes with a benediction.
    "While relaxation of itself is of great value to the recovery of nervous disorders, and even organic conditions, the key that opens the mind-heart to the healing power within is DIVINE REASONING. Never has the world been in such chaos as it is today and never before has the world needed Divine Reasoning as much as it does today. Without this pillar of wisdom and understanding there is no direction given to the soul, with the result that conflict and misery remain in the individual. This most necessary and enlightening knowledge is explained side by side with the art of relaxation in these lessons." (p.9)

A new, expanded edition was published by Mystica Publications (New Zealand), that includes the transcripts of the actual lectures, whereas the original edition consists only of the lecture notes which were handed out prior to each lecture. The Mystica edition (2008) comes with the audio recording of 26 of the lectures on bonus CDs.


Original Edition

How To Relax and Revitalize Yourself
Original title
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Original publication year1952
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