“Many will seek to know the background and history of this event... Societies, worldwide, will play their part, assuring the broad dissemination of the needed teachings. Much remains to be given, but, already, much remains unopened and unread in the hands of men. –Benjamin Creme’s Master, ‘To Serve Anew’ (1994)

The return to the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher for the New Age, and the Masters of Wisdom – the Elder Brothers of humanity – is an ongoing process for which the Masters have been preparing humanity since 1875 through the Ageless Wisdom teachings. In various stages, these teachings have been released in many publications, notably those of H.P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, the Agni Yoga series, and most recently the books by Benjamin Creme.
    This online reference and library documents these stages of the Great Approach, as the Masters call Their return, by combining the historical and bibliographical details for these and other publications with information from Benjamin Creme’s writings and other relevant sources.
    In doing so it shows the continuity and consistency in the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom, as given over the past 140 or so years, presenting the wide variety of teachings as they cater to students of different levels, backgrounds and dispositions.

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Latest (August 2017):
Since this online reference was first published in October 2008 some 70 publications have been added, bringing the number of unique titles to 300.

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